looking to buy a bike for commuting to work

thinking about buying a used bike off craigslist to commute to work.. its about a 4 mile ride each way and it’s all side streets through residential areas mostly (about 85% residential).

i was hoping to spend under $300. any suggestions? are schwinn bikes any good? i see a bunch of them on craigslist. should i be getting a road bike? i just looked online and based on my inseam i should get a bike around 48-49 cm? i’m 5’7"

this is where im looking:

any suggestions

You don’t really need a road bike for a 4 mile ride. Also, I would leave about 150 bucks for additional gear in your budget. Like pannier bags, a rack (if you don’t have one already), lights, gloves, and the list goes on. To be honest, get whatever bike you are more comfortable with. I have a 9 mile one-way commute and started on a road bike but realized I like my mountain bike better since I cut through parking lots, curbs, etc…

used touring bike. for a 4 mile ride, just get a used low end mtb. don’t spend a lot for commuting bike unless you *know* you can get it locked up securely at your job.

unless you can bring it inside, feel free to throw down on some nice locks