Kitchen Knives v Wusthof Culinar

So anyone here have this set? I am goin to go check them out tomorrow and I’m thinkin about the 10 piece set at williams sonoma for 650 on sale, and with a free sharpener of some sort. I really like the all metal look.

My mom keeps tryin to get me to get the select etc or pro S series based on cost but I want something I enjoy even looking at to be in my kitchen for the next 5-10 years or whatever.

Anyone have an opinion?
do you actually have use for a 650 knife set? dont get me wrong, i have wusthoff knives, but a good chefs knife, a serrated knife and maybe a smaller paring knife will do 95%+ of all the jobs the average cook or even foodie might do at home

I have a set of Henckels that I really like. Chef’s, paring, serated, and utility knife (plus honing steel, shears, and block) cost a little under $300 and I don’t feel the need for any other types of knives really. Maybe one day I’ll get a boning knife, but since I SO rarely cut up a whole fish, it’s not THAT big of a deal.

I did keep my stamped knife set that I’ve had for years though. Forged knives don’t cut tomatoes quite like a serated stamped blade.
whats the difference between a forged serrated knife and a stamped one when cutting tomatoes? i use my forged serrated wusthof on tomatoes and they slice up like buttah
i guess if you have money to burn its alright. i dont know if i like the look of the all stainless. its such a cold and uninviting look
Do I have a use for the entire set? Currently not at all. But if I ever do there are a couple things to think of. A) Cant get the entire set because of possible discontinuation and B) If I ever want the entire set, buying it piece by piece cost an easy 33% more overall
well what i really meant was that unless you are a pro chef working every day at a restaurant you will likely never use most of the set as the chef’s, serrated and a paring knife do basically everything most people need.

wait. Are you my mom? Did you get an OT account? That’s all so true, but who doesnt dig a slick set of knives…

I dont think I really have any need for a true set. Wait if you only get 4 knives then where do you put them? In a block with just a few pieces and a bunch of empty slots?
you can store them in many ways other than in a block..

i personally like these :

thats not too bad

that is pretty nice. its up to you what you want though. id like to get a nice set someday when i finally buy a house but then again ill have to throw away a drawer full of knives to do so

you can store them in many ways other than in a block..

i personally like these :

I don’t like those b/c they magnetize the knives. That’s not a big deal with cutting food, of course, but I was at someone’s house and stuck the knife I had just used in the sink and all the silverware moved to it. It wasn’t magnetized enough to pick up the silverware, but them being attracted to the knife threw me off for a minute.

Like I said before, I have 4 knives plus the honing steel and the sheers and have all that in a block. There are some empty slots, but I don’t mind. I did get the matching steak knife set, so they go in the block also.

And for the serated knife question, I don’t know why but I like my stamped blades better for tomatoes than I do my stamped forged blade which I really only use on bread (it is actually a bread knife).
Has anyone else seen the universal knife block?

Unique and versatile, this knife block is like no other you’ve ever used. Made from solid hardwood, it features moveable "fibers" inside that are fully adjustable and holds any type of knife in any position – no slots required. Measures 10" H x 5" W. Dishwasher safe.

Has anyone else seen the universal knife block?

so like a big block of putty, kind of weird
Like others said you would be better off buying only the knives you need as opposed to a set, most people want/use a 7"+ chef/santoku, 10" slicer, 3-5" paring and a bread knife (typically a serated blade.)

And really you will probably find yourself using the 7" for pretty much everything, breaking the slicer out when you have turkey/ham/roasts and then the bread knife (for obvious uses.)

p.s. If you have a good and sharp chef/santoku you shouldn’t need to uses a serated blade to cut tomatoes.
Well I bought the set then found out my mom bought a 3piece starter for xmas. I’ll let her have this I guess.

I my Henckels twin cuisine santoku, fits my hand perfectly.
You don’t need a set.

Buy the knives you use most. You’ll likely only need 1 or 2.
Go to a restaurant supply store and check out a company called F. Dick
The cost about 20 bucks apiece and hold a great edge.
Most pro cooks use these or something similar.