i’ve been trying to cook my own hamburgers

i use mine all the time (i got it as a gift). the problem i see with it is that it ends up steaming the meat half the time instead of really grilling because a lot of the juices just get trapped in there.

i find it works better on chicken than beef, though i cook steak on there every so often.

personally, i love a burger cooked in a cast iron pan.
no its a great idea, my friend has a grill like that and he loves it.
ive done it before. it wasnt bad. i guess its better than eating no hamburgers at all

The Foreman grill kicks ass. Actually, I use a different brand I got at Walmart that has removable trays, but same idea. Just don’t over-cook, it’s quick.
I’d say go get a cast-iron skillet. They are cheap and easy to find.
I use the forman for burgers when I can’t grill. Works decently well. 360 degrees @ 4mins is perfect.
I am with the other people that said cast iron skillet. I got one for about 12 dollars. The burgers get a really nice char on them.
i was just checking out ebay for used cast iron pans. might be worth it to get one already cured.
Only problem is ventilation…if you live in an apartment try putting it on the stovetop and turning on the fume hood, although you’re still going to get a bit smokey. Same thing happens with cast iron searing however, so if you want good beef, you have to crack the window and git ‘er done son.