Is there such a thing as a quality, low maintenance kitchen knife?

I’m considering getting my parents some new knives as part of their Christmas because the knives they have are older than I am and are about as sharp as a butter knife. The problem is that while they aren’t destructive with their equipment, they are the type of people that don’t really want to do more with their knives than use them, clean them, and throw them in a drawer until the next use.

Is this a lost cause?

edit- I understand that nothing beats a well-sharpened knife. I suppose I’m looking for some sort of middle ground here.

inexpensive reliable steel.

best bet is to start with some decent steel. If anything at least try to get them to steel their blades once a week. It takes only a minute and helps keep the blade sharp.
Also maybe you could get their knives sharpened once a year?
I taught my mother how to steel and keep up her knives and now shes as much of a knife nut as I am