I need help with choosing a paint colors to match my ugly yellow kitchen.

I am trying to sell my house & the biggest setback I have is my kitchen. If I had the money & time, I would totaly demolish it & start fresh, but that isnt an option. What I have is this fake paneling that is supposed to look like tile going aroung the lower half of the walls. There are a few pieces that have fallen off, but I can replace them easy. The problem is, the cabnits & all of the trim is also yellow. What can I paint the cabnits & trim to have it look halfway decent?

I would deffinately paint the cabinets and trim white. White and yellow kitchens are very popular since they are bright clean colors.

The problem is the wallpaper – that has got to go! I think it would probably be best to paint it a coordinating color (can’t decide which one), and if you cant find one that looks good, paint it white.

I would also change the hardware on the cabinets, since it is wicked outdated and that is a really cheap and easy update that will make a difference. I would also suggest adding some cute curtains for the showings
Sounds like a plan. The wallpaper I am going to cover up in some way, I was thinking with some printed paneling. For the cabnets I was thinking like an off white or eggshell. Should I do the trim the same shade? Curtians are a great idea, but what color would I look for them in? New hardware has already been planned out…going to Ikea soon for it.

Thanks a ton for your suggestion!
Yeah hardware would be a big plus. Remember the kitchen is one of the most important factors for buyers. At least that is the case for California homes. I would definately put much more effort into your kitchen and master bedroom. Cabinet hardware, as already mentioned is a plus, and I would also replace the hardware for the door and also give it a clean white paint.

Oh yeah wallpaper MUST go. White is really your only alternative since yellow seems like a color you just can’t get rid of at the moment.
I wouldn’t cover the wallapaper with paneling – many people dislike paneling. Instead I would remove the wallpaper and paint it solid colored. I would paint the cabinets and the trim the same color, but I would paint a different (cordinating) color for the wall. The curtain color will depend on the wall color you choose.

To get ideas about what color coordinates, go to and find choose "browse coloirs". Find a similar yellow and a black (since that’s also in the tiles) and a white/off-white that you like and then choose ‘coordinate colors’ and see what it comes up with. You don’t have to buy behr brand but it’ll still give you some different ideas.

What hardware are you going to use? I have the ikea "tag" handles in my kitchen – I think they are the nicest ones they have