Hydrangea Plant. HELP!

I have an indoor blue Hydrangea plant. I keep reading online that you should never let the soil dry out, but to water it like twice a week. How is that possible. It went from lively and perky, to droopy in the course of the day. I watered it a few times only because the soil kept drying out. Here are before and after shots. PLEASE PLEASE tell me proper lighting and watering for this type of plant. I dont want it to die. Thanks!

It was in full bloom, the blossoms reach a certain point and die. Just keep the soil moist not wet and find some plant food at the garden center for it. Oh yeah and get a bigger pot that one is probably root bound.

I just got it a few days ago though. It needs a new pot that fast?

Thanks for the advice. As soon as I can get to the store, I’ll let you know how it goes.
I have some outside and if you dont water those mofos everyday, they’re gonna be droopy the next.

So how come I’m reading NOT to water them that much? Should I be watering it a lot even though it’s inside and potted?
By the way, it’s looking a LITTLE better than last night, but some parts are still droopy.

It looks like half the plant fell off, but it didn’t. The pic was at a weird angle.

put it outside and let it grow big so you get a bunch of blooms. When you want a nice flower in the house just cut a bloom off and put it in some salt water. The salt water helps it maintain it’s color and last longer after you cut it. why, it just does.
Sounds good. Hopefully it lasts these last 2 weeks at the dorm before I move back home.

I was a florist for about 3 years when I was younger.. this may sound crazy, But how I took care of the Hydrangea plants:
I would water them a lil bit every day (morning and evening) and after I watered them, I would place small pieces of ice on top. So that way when the ice melted, it would keep the soil moist. It works
er – I think those hydrangeas were really meant to be an indoor decor for a month or so (kind of like those "live" christmas trees that are a foot tall @ the grocers – it would be a miracle for them to live past one summer in or out)

If you want a hydrangea for your yard go to a nursery and get a zone specific one in a 12" or larger pot – nikko blue is a common and fairly easy to grow variety – varieties that are lace cap are more difficult

I am from a florist family and VP of the local gardening club – trust me, those aren’t bred for long term use – good luck trying though
Well, hydrangeas do really well outside in the Southeast, due in no part I’m sure to the armpit-like humidity. I have some in my backyard in my new house, and they do all right. The moistness of the soil could be because they are a plant that thrives in humid climates. Mine are planted in shady areas, so the indirect sunlight that you’re giving them (i’m guessing) shouldn’t be so much of an issue…

What resources are you looking at online that are directing your care of the plant?
I’d set it up by the window so it can have some direct sunlight some part of the day. Check the soil about 1/2 inch down from the surface, and once it’s dry down to that point water until it comes out the bottom for a few seconds.
Wow, I was expecting my thread to die.

Thanks so much for the replies. Here’s an update.

The plant lost all the blue flowering, but the leaves are still very healthy, and new leaves are still growing. My mother says that all the flowers are supposed to fall off and that they’ll grow back.

Since the leaves are healthy, the plant seems to be alive and happy.. etc.

I guess I’m just not used to this type of plant.

Thanks again to everyone. It’s much appreciated!

Not really sure. It’s living inside. It’s not planted as a bush outside.