How do you make money, doing what you love?

So how do these guys on the base jumping videos, bear grylls (pre-tv show), and the other randoms I read or hear about doing stuff for charities and such make money? I mean the gear, traveling, and time it takes to achieve and train up for all of this stuff takes alot of $$, how do they make money off of it?

They did what they loved for years unpaid whilst doing something menial to pay the bills, kept working hard and took risks. Eventually one paid off.

Exactly. Professional climbers are a good example. Pick up "No Shortcuts To The Top" for an inside view.

Incredible book. I never understood it either until I read it.

People who make base jumping videos and many other hardcore outdoorsman-types live what is commonly know as the DIRTBAG lifestyle. The term dirtbag is used without any negative connotation in this case. It begins when you realize living outside can be damn near free and constant traveling is better, at least in the short term, than planting roots in some fucking city. You start to work less and/or switch to employment that lets you continue to live outside. You start to travel more. You start to climb (or whatever) more. And after awhile, you know people in cites all over the country and bounce from place to place crashing with friends for a week or two inbetween long stays in the wilderness.

You choose what you want to own. Sometimes the easiest way to get more time is to work less and have less stuff. If you start climbing (or whatever) full time, you no longer have to pay rent or utilities and you’re usually too far away from cities to spend money on shit like premade food or entertainment. The overhead is super low and the lifestyle kicks ass.

lol… my buddy was telling me that pro climbers are the 2nd worst paid pro athletes. I think croquet was #1.

it’s a trade off. I think the only person making money climbing is Sharma. I know that Chris Linder said the most he gets is like $400 a month from Camp stove (or whatever that company is called).

Ed Veisturs (guy who climbed the 14 highest peaks of the world WITHOUT OXYGEN) just took seasonal jobs here and there till he had enough money to go.