HOT Sauce

Frank’s tastes like shit. I just used ground cayenne peppers.

but nothing beats the old tabasco. sometimes i drink it in my beer
^^ in your beer? the original ? i like the habanaero tobasco.
I love Frank’s on pretty much everything. I really like the way it tastes but it’s not that hot.

I use Tabasco on Pizza. I just don’t think it adds that much to most stuff.

I have Tabaso Habanero sauce that I use when I just want to add heat.

The Tabasco Jalapeno sauce is good on hamburgers.

yep, the original stuff. i got put on it by a mexican buddy
Finally, one thing I’m good at!

Tapatio is the best overall hot sauce. Great on sandwiches, soups, anything, etc.

Valentina is cheap and excellent on Mexican food (has that Taco Bell Hot Sauce flavor to it) and eggs.

Cholula is divine, a notch above Tapatio, but too expensive.

Sriracha goes GREAT in noodles, broths, and sandwiches. You GOTTA try this stuff at least once!

Texas Pete for that "normal american" hot sauce flavor. Tabasco is good and all, but it’s flavor is all vinegar-and-heat.
ok you guys need to go try some melindas, its amazing IMO. i love the habanero flavor it has, no vinger taste at all.


Its made in NC too

Blair’s 16 Million Reserve **
That’s it. The race is over. It’s chemically impossible to get any hotter ! Not really a sauce, but worthy of inclusion.

What you will find inside the Famous Reserve bottle is amazing, a 1ml pharmaceutical grade vial filled with this Pure Capsaicin Crystal.–No more than 999 Bottles will be offered


Blair’s 6 am **
These Incredible bottles are filled with Earth Shattering Pure Pepper Resin Ranging from a low of 10.3 million Scoville units to …Are you Ready……16 million

This is Pure Capsicum crystal. You can see it inside the bottle…….Due to the unique nature and and the fact that Blair made only 80 oz of Pepper resin at a time, each batch Does vary. Only 999 will be made, each numbered. As this is pure Capsicum – it’s impossible to get any hotter….

goooood eatin
^^ have you had any of this shit? sounds too hot to enjoy it
I read a funny review of Blair’s 16 million. They put 1 crystal of it in a pot of tomato soup. It rendered the soup totally uneatable.

Found the review:

As for hot sauce, I love Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce (Mike Anthony from Van Halen). This stuff is AWESOME. I want to try the Hot Mustard sauce.

It is. My buddy got a bottle of 6am from his wife for a gift. Kind of a collector piece/conversation piece. For hot sauce nuts, something to have just to say you have.

lol none of his extreme top of the charts stuff, but i had some of the ~5 million scovilles stuff. We added 3-4 eyedrops of the stuff to a gallon of regular frank’s hot sauce and it was very very spicy

Yeah my co-worker turned me on to this a few years back, tobasco and beer that is. Its called Michelada. Though its made different ways that is the pretty straight forward way of doing it.
oh and to answer the original topic questions. Cholula is the shit. Though it really depends on what I’m using the hot sauce for.