Homemade jerky using ground beef

I just got a new dehydrator to make dried fruits and beef jerky. I’ve made regular jerky using steak before, but was thinking of getting the little caulk gun looking kit that you use extra lean ground beef in. It’s called Jerky Works. Anyone ever try this thing?
Yeah, bad idea. You’ll have to actually cook it, since the bacteria gets all mixed in.
You wouldn’t have to cook it if you grind it yourself, but I don’t see the point. You can cut the steak with which you’re making the jerky to whatever size you want

Yes, you would. Lots more surface area and it’s all in common contact.
huh? If you cook it, you’re not making jerky, you’re making crumbly hamburger. The only point to cooking it would be to get rid of bacteria, but if you grind it yourself (or take it for a spin in your food processor), you won’t have to worry about that.