healthy meal I made tonight

This is actually an altered rachel ray, her version is (IMO) too complicated and turns out crappy, I changed it

1 pound extra lean pork loin (you can buy the kind with 2, and make 2, up to you)
Fresh rosemary
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
whole garlic cloves, peeled and cracked (easier to buy the prepeeled ones, you just crack them with the side of a knife)
pepper grinder

take a rectangle casserole dish and line it with foil on all sides, makes for really easy clean up

heat oven to 350-360
put pork loin in dish, cut three deep slits into it, big enough to fit 2 whole cracked garlic cloves in each

drizzle entire thing with some olive oil, not too much

pull fresh rosemary from the stem and put over the pork and inside the holes

pour balsamic vinegar all over, dont’ be stingy, also pick the roast up and let some get under it

put fresh ground pepper all over the top, be generous

salt the top, be stingy

put in oven, leave for like 30-45 minutes (30 for 1 pound, 45 for 2, maybe a lil longer for 2)

take it out and let it rest, DO NOT CUT IT, very important, about 5 minutes

cut at a diagonal and serve

i had it with brown rice and steamed radishes

i have never had the steamed radishes. does it alter the flavor at all, they are something i have been curious about but never tried. I saw the rachel ray show where she made them, but haven’t gotten around to trying them.
steaming the radishes took away the bitterness and made them pretty caulifower tasting
i have to say that i made this a while ago and it was fantastic