Hay guys, I bought a townhouse

You’re going to see me here more often now as the house need a lot of cosmetic work. I’m a noob so this is going to be my first project house (ie project car). I want to do so many things to it but so far i only painted one of the bedroom…looks like ass too. Didn’t know u need to primer white spackle… Didn’t sand some of the lump & bumps on the wall down…etc..

These are the before pics with previous owner junk in it.

(i’ve replaced the toilet seat with hardwood)

(painted this room, took entire weekend (mostly running around headless getting stuff)

place looks like a dump, hopefully you got a good deal on it welcome to being a homeowner
today i replaced all the electrical outlets in the entire house, because every single one of them is going out. everytime i plug something in, it falls right off.

Replaced all the duct work for the dryer.

and just ripped up the carpet where the washer/dryer area. jesus it stank like ass. i think i have to replace the subfloor because there’s a giant stain there and it smell like shit.

This project is going over my head i have never done anything like this before and now i’m jumping head first into it.

My original goal was: replace all of the carpet & fix the squeaking noise from the floor. I thought it was as easy as adding extra nail and it’ll stop it right? Now finds out i have to replace the subfloor because of the stain & smell. I don’t have any of the tools necessary for this job….

anyone want to help me out here?

– The house stink because of previous owner have 3 dogs & 2 cats, i’m going to replace the carpet.

– Repaint the entire house…i painted one room and it’s so time consuming. should i rent a paint sprayer?
Just take it slow and read up on everything that you want to do. Go to Home Depot or Lowes or whatever you have and talk with some of the expierenced guys there…

Just remember its not a race..

The house does probably stink because of the dogs and cats. (I would say the cats more than the dogs, but I may be biased to that).
Definitely take it slow in doing things. Look at what absolutely has to get done right away and what can wait. We are doing on major project a year. This year it was the guest bathroom. Take care of any structural problems or dangerous issues (like the outlets you mentioned).

Whatever you do, do not try to get it all done at once, pace yourself.
There is a type of paint that you can get at home depot/lowes to help with smoke smells in the house. My friend used it in a house he bought. It’s a coating that goes on before the paint and it works pretty well. I’d use that for the walls.

Like others said just take it slow and go at your own pace. There is no rush, especially if you are going to live there long term. Take your time to save the appropriate money to do things the right way.
For God’s sake get rid of that orange netting/fence shit first!
you should install a pedestal sink and a new colored toilet in that bathroom. it will definitely give it more appeal and make it look like its got more room then it does. then you should get rid of the tub curtains and install some sliding doors.

just my .02