Have you ever ate or seen

such big pieces of meat?

In a city near the place where iam living (in germany) is a resturant where you can eat big meals. The thing on the pic is called Schnitzel in germany and austria and it is a piece of meat with a little bit crunchy coat. On the schnitzel is a mushroom sauce. The Schnitzel on this picture has a weight between 1,3 and 1,5 kilograms and me and my friend tried to eat 1 (me one, he one) but i think we took 600 grams of meat home because we were so fully. Do you ate such big meals too or do you know places where you can get this sizes? Iam interested in big burgers etc. too. Pictures would be really nice.

Greetings from Germany

lol nice one. I think this one is for a whole family.

P.S: The

in the first posting are links to pictures of the Schnitzel.
jesus thats a big schnitzel, I love the stuff but that looks like a bit much. and that burger looks fucking nasty, cooking a patty that big would ruin the flavor.
Yes, you are right. I dont think that you get the meat cooked well. Outside black, inside bloody 😉
No one else here who ate such big food or knows where to get it?
I had a huge schniztel like that when I was in Vienna a couple months ago. I could only finish less than half of it.
In Texas, it’s quite common to get chicken fried steak (schnitzel that’s been texanized) about that size.
GAH! pretty mondo burgers!
i wish places around here made burgers like that.
there’s really no valid reason to want to eat something like that. I mean even if you took a LITTLE slice, the bread alone would be like a full loaf … totally ludicrous.