Good Eats fans

Are there a lot of Good Eats fans on OT? I keep stumbling on people repeating Alton Brown in various cooking threads. I’m a huge fan because I find it is the only show that teaches you how to cook instead of just giving you a recipe.

What things have you picked up from the show? I’ve certainly become a fan of cast iron cookware after watching the show. I’ve made some awesome fried hamburgers which is a savior since my condo complex doesn’t allow us to have grills or open flames on our balconies.

Good Eats is probably my favorite show, and now my new job actually allows me home in time to watch it!! I really liked the tuna episode, and the rice episode was just on last night. I haven’t tried too much lately, but I watch every time I get a chance, and try to pick up on little things.

Did you see him on Emeril Live? He was silly.
I’ve made a few things from the show: the duck, "pot roast without a pot," among others. Such a great show… Here’s some eps on youtube:

Alton Brown is one of my culinary heroes, I actually liked his culinary road trip show even better than good eats.

Feasting On Asphalt FTW!!!

Awesome show. I wish they would do more road trips, like maybe Route 1 from Maine to Key West.

Feasting On Asphalt FTW!!!

Awesome show. I wish they would do more road trips, like maybe Route 1 from Maine to Key West.

theres another Feasting on Asphalt season coming up by the end of the summer IIRC.

Alton rules. He can do no wrong in my book.

he makes me happy to have cable television.

And his oven rib recipe is the SHIZNIT
alton brown is definately more entertaining than most other chefs on food network besides emril of course…never used his reciepes though but i would…never see too many cook books by him in the stores either but overall he is very informative and entertaining which is why i like him
he has several books out, although maybe theyre not your "Traditional" cookbooks

i’ve got two of his cook books. i’m just here for the food and i’m just here for more food.

i wasn’t a huge fan of feasting on asphalt, but i think it is because it felt too rushed. there wasn’t enough time to devote to some of those places he stopped.

i’ve made the 40-clove chicken and that rocked. i love the "it’s a beautiful grind" episode too. i like it because to me it is exactly why i love the show. i love it because it isn’t about trying to "teach" you how to make some overly complicated recipe with ingredients that you would never stock in your own kitchen. he made a 30 min show about making a hamburger and a meat loaf.
Alton Brown is definitely my favorite on the food network. I have a few of his books. He inspired me to get On Food and Cooking and really learn about food from the molecular level. I’m a science geek so that was right up my alley.
From watching his shows and reading his books I have also come to the conclusion that I don’t need every stupid gimmicky kitchen gadget that comes out. I only buy thinks that have multiple uses ( there are a few exceptions of course). Saves me a lot of space and money.
his recipes don’t always look great to me, but his tips for food are wonderful
I love his show..
My wife watches food network all night long and ill watch that show.. has a bunch of Good Eats episodes.
I just made the mayonaisse. Good, but I dunno if it’s that much different than Helmann’s.
Alton kicks ass….he’s the only reason I watch Food Network.

He should replace that fuzzy caterpiller-eyebrowed freak Emeril in a live-audience type show!!
i dont know about that though. alton is in his element in the type of show he does already, whenever ive seen him do live stuff he’s just seems uneasy and "hyper"

except of course doing the play by play on ICA, but that isnt really as live as an emeril live type show would be.
I loved watching Good Eats back when I was someplace with Food Network. It’s a great show for somebody like me, who has absolutely no talent in the kitchen but loves to cook (science geek). He breaks it down and gives a piece by piece enough to figure it out.
Alton makes cooking fun. he shows that it doesn’t have to be boring like The Everyday Italian and that fat southern chick make it look. at least giada is nice to look at though.

but Alton.. Alton’s the man!
Loved the episode where he goes to the Jim Beam (I believe) distillery to show how bourbon is made.
AB is awesome. Very educational as well as a pretty darn good entertainer.
IMO, easily the best show on their network. So much great info about what your eatting packed into his show.
best show on the network, and the only one I watch…
I have loved the show for a long time now. My wife got me the Salt cellar he uses 2 christmasses ago. I use it all the time
Alton is my cooking hero. I’m a college student and can’t really cook on my own (no kitchen) but i still watch Alton everyday. I can’t wait till i can finally cook some of his food! He’s just beyond amazing!!!
Fucking love how he took over Emeril’s 8:00 time slot…
are the new episodes being shown at 8 ? or just the repeats that were previously shown at 7 ? because if its just the repeats then its lame, just a little time shuffle (emeril from 8 to 7, alton repeats from 7 to 8)

now if the new epis are being shown @ 8 then its a nicer ownage
all I have to say if Waffles. I watch one of his shows off of my on demand program the other day on waffles. It was kick ass (on a breakfast food kick) I love the fact that he doesn’t tell you to but the most $$$ tools either just the ones that work really well and have everything you will need.

And ribs

Feasting On Asphalt FTW!!!

Awesome show. I wish they would do more road trips, like maybe Route 1 from Maine to Key West.

season 2 is on the mississippi. ought to be pretty good, starts soon but am not sure when offhand. they have been advertising it pretty heavily on food network though. will keep my eyes open and let u all know when it starts.

Can’t wait to see it.
I love the show, he got me into brewing beer with his home brew show. It’s up on youtube and it takes you through all the steps. BEST SHOW EVER!!
feasting in asphalt is so awesome!! they should make full 20+ episode seasons rather than 4-6 episodes