garage flooring

so me and the wife decided to upgrade from our condo to a house with a 1 car garage…as a car nut who will probally spend most days in there…this is like a dream come true (I wish it was a triple, but I’ll take the single )…anyways the garage floor is asphalt right now…I know there’s the simple black coating you can do, but I’ve seen my dad use it, and it didn’t hold up too well to my abuse

is there anything heavy duty that can be used to coat it? I’ve seen some of the stuff in other posts for concreat, so something of that nature…but it has to be oil resistant…proof if possible

I am totally not opposed to the idea of laying something down…like some sort of heavy / commercial tile if that’ll work and totally open to suggestions…keep in mind I’ll probally have the car jacked and on jack stands quite often…I have no idea where to even begin or what’s really available for something like this

anyone have any suggestions?
rustoleum garage floor coating, those square checkered tiles, etc?
This a difficult situation. Asphalt can’t be coated with many things because it contains petroleum products, which are bond breakers and may dissolve numerous coatings/adhesives. Further, it is somewhat flexible, and the point loads of jacks and jackstands will cause fracturing of any harder overlay when the supporting substrate yields.

If you truly want a durable flooring which looks good and will withstand the treatment you’re describing, tear out the asphalt and base material to undisturbed soil, place a compacted base of 2A stone, preferably filled with stone fines or crusher run, and overlay that with not less than 4" of concrete, choosing a mix of #3500 PSI or better, ensuring that #6 welded wire cloth is supported midpoint in the monolithic pour. For the sake of appearance, batch entrained dye can be added to the mix truck, but be sure to watch water content, as over-watering of the mix can result in color shift and significant reduction in the final compressive strength of the concrete.
ok cool thanks forr the advice guys

kazoo, ya I see what you’re saying…I’ll wait t’il it gets bad and change it up, right now it’s not in the budget
who in the hell builds a garage on asphalt. you can paint asphalt but you will be much better off ripping the shit up. which also means the garage needs to be rebuilt. is it attatched?


ya it’s fucked, all the other houses are concreat, just that block of houses is asphalt…lame-o
Thanks for posting this thread, my hubs will be redoing his garage floor in the near future as well. We’ve got concrete and plan on laying down commerical grade b/w vinyl tile. I’m sure it won’t outlast the house but should it get stained or damaged in anyway, its not that big of a deal to pop up the damaged tile and replace it, we’ll be putting the same tile through out the kitchen, laundry room, and sun room for the same purpose.

You need some sort of solid flooring that comes in a roll. Totally cover the ass-fault.

that looks like some good shit

awesome, thanks for posting this up
RaceDeck is fucking $$$$$$ but there are similar rubber/plastic tile options for around $2 per square foot that should be perfectly happy sitting on top of your asphalt floor. I was looking at tonight. I’ll probably end up doing epoxy paint though ($1000 on tile for a 2-car garage = ) but then I have new concrete to start with.
so wait they built the garage on a slab of asphalt? where is that legal? as far as coatings you can have it professionaly seal coated and if its covered it will last for a couple of years. as far as jack stands and stuff like that just cut some 1’x1′ squares of 1/2 or 3/4 plywood to put underneath them. That tile stuff works good but if you want to save on cost and if you plan on ripping it out eventually you may want to just seal coat it.
To be honest, If it were me, I would get the cheapest linoleum rolled stuff and cover the pavement with it. You could even get the wood look stuff and pull a kramer… come to think of it that stuff probably wouldnt hold up to well to jack stands and stuff.

My dad did this himself and loves it. It doesn’t hold up super great as there are some cracks, but he’s rough on it and would have messed up a different floor as well.
I just ordered the UCoatit stuff… will post pics of the process and completed product when I get into the new house.

what brand specifically? there are a few options right now from major retailers. theres rustoleum, behr, quikrete. then there are massive online retailers with more brands than you can imagine

I used

I have no idea…probably something cheap because he will beat the fuck outta it. I’ll ask him if I remember to.

and do you like it? im going to embark on a 3.5 car garage project either later this year or early next