First Apartment Recipes

Does anyone know any good websites/book that would be good for someone who just started to cook for themselves all the time? I moved into my first apartment back in October and I bought a George Forman grill but I can only eat Grilled Chicken so many times before I get sick of it.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Get the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It’s been around for over 70 years and no house should be without it (my ex got me a copy when I moved into my current place).

A Man A Can A Plan is good for quick and really easy meals you can make with stuff that’s easy to get and store.

Learn to freeze stuff. I’ve been cooking for years and only recently discovered the amazing ability to freeze crap. I use to make chili and then have to eat it for 2 meals a day for a week. Uuug. Eat a meals worth, maybe throw some in the refrigerator for the next day and then put the rest into single serving bags so you can have a quick meal just by reheating.
This was my very first cookbook…

I now have more than 50 cookbooks, but that one is still referenced most often for everyday dishes.

My favorite website, where I go first for recipes, is:
Always read the reviews for the recipes… they have tips to keep things from going wrong, or to make the recipe more to your taste.
Food network’s site is good for some basic stuff, and for some stuff that’s unique. I have a hard time really finding what I want with the way their search feature works.

I like Kraft’s website for recipes, but they’re usually pretty basic, and many of them involve either lots of cheese, barbecue sauce, and other simple things that you may not really want to eat tons of.

The Better Homes and Gardens book is a classic, and will get you started better than many other books. From there, you can diversify and get whole books from people you like, or that contain certain categories of food.