favorite comfort foods

everyone has something they eat to make themselves feel better when they are down…chocolate, ice cream, etc. Just curious as to what everyone else eats to make themselves feel better on off days. With me its all about anything chocolate…oreos, ice cream, brownies…you name it!
pizza,pizza,pizza and cheese.. oh. and extra cheese pizza’s
I try not to get into the habit of eating to comfort me. I gained a ton of weight when I did that during HS…
Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I just recently found this out because I’ve never really had a big sweet tooth.

But anytime I feel shitty, I make some(has to be real cookies…not Chips Ahoy or anything).

I also tend to get a craving for them after sex. Since I’m not a smoker…I guess I make up for the cigarette stereotype with Cocolate Chip Cookies
Dont’ really have one since food is comforting all on its own but I am a sucker for anything with cheese. Extra Cheese Pizzas and Mac N’ Cheese, already mentioned, are excellent options.
Tough call…

I tend to lean towards Bistec Palomilla and Fried Sweet Plantains.

That or mixed field greens with extra virgin olive oil, fresh cracked black pepper, and a dash of red wine vinegar.

Tough call…

That or mixed field greens with extra virgin olive oil, fresh cracked black pepper, and a dash of red wine vinegar.

Made me hungry just reading this.

College (and post) survival food.
Carne Asada Fries

if im tired of that..

Ruffles BBQ chips + Ranch Dip + Chipotle Dip + Honey Mustard + Franks Red Hot = $$
My fav comfort food is my home made chili-mac. Its super simple to do, cost is cheap, takes like 10 minutes to cook from scratch, and will feed an army, or just me for a few meals.
i like pizza…….
the wife likes bean and cheese nachos..

This can take away anything that makes me feel blue, seriously!

But then since I cnt jstu buy them anywhere and anytime I wish… I just have to heal my soul with any other good dark chocolate or praslines… so long its not MILK choco… I cnt stand that!
A thick, meaty deep pizza drowned in Tapotia hot sauce and a six-pack of homebrew…..


Also, homemade chili really does something for me on those kinds of nights.
a chicken finger sub, chicken fingers hot, with lettuce, cheese, and smothered in blue cheese on a toasted roll with curly fries. I’m happy everytime i have that meal whenever i visit my hometown