Extending wires/cables

OK I decided to open my wall cutout for our tv, well found out there isn’t enough slack in some cables to do this as is, what are my best options here? The cables are for: cable tv, cat3, and speaker cables.

Extending should occur at the end of the cable, not the middle. However, the more connectors you put in the line, the lower the signal quality will be (this might not be a big deal for just adding one connector, but it’s something to think about if you plan a larger job later).

Anyhow, for CATV you need an RF barrel connector and another length of wire; for cat3 you can get an RJ11 female-female connector (I assume it’s phone and not network… if it’s for a network, upgrade to the 90’s already and install some cat5) and another length of cable; for speaker cables… well, if you’re really shooting for high fidelity then you should not make a connector. Uninterrupted copper should run from device to device where possible, and have the fewest possible connectors where it isnt’ possible. However, if it’s not the highest fidelity you’re shooting for (I don’t even know what kind of equipment you have) then just splice it in using any of 100 different methods. My personal favorite is a male and female press-lock connectors (you stick the wire in a hole, you turn a screw which moves a plate which smashes down on the wire, and two ends of the connector go together). You can also just wirenuts or shunt connectors, just whatever you like at radio shack (some require crimpers, so be wary of that).

Everything I mentioned you can get at Radio Shack or order online from any cable company.
OK, all the wires were ran during construction. at the present we don’t even have speakers hooked up but will down the road. I’d like to do it the right way as much as possible while at least this section is opened up.
No that would be flexible gas line.

And I have it worked out save for one cable- I was able to get enough slack for the audio cables, phone line will be moved, one of the coax cables will be relocated up top and put into use, the other I’ll have to extend which yes kind of sucks, but in the long run it won’t be seeing any use most likely.
you’re wanting to add another coax line? That’s actually really easy if you have (or know someone who has) an RF crimper. Cut the line in the middle, crimp both ends, put in a splitter, run another wire from the splitter to where you want it.

Without the crimper you’re pretty much boned.

If you just need to extend it, just get an RF barrel and another length of wire from Radio Shack and connect them together. That’s easy as pie.

If you just need to extend it, just get an RF barrel and another length of wire from Radio Shack and connect them together. That’s easy as pie.

this is the plan now that I have it apart and can see how everything is laid out. They actually had 2 coax’s ran. So one will be moved to the new top portion to connect right there.
some progress pics, it’s been a fun project. I’ve done very few so it’s always nice to feel like I’ve accompished something.

Thanks for posting progress pics!!

That is interesting that you had all that unused space there. I wonder why they built it like that originally.