Espresso Machine Reccomendations?

Anybody have any suggestions for a 2 cup filler, euro made espresso machine? Thanks
Hey Threeclaws,
I’m a professional barista so usually pull shots on our shop machine, a Nuovo Simonelli, so I don’t have much experience with home machines. However, one forum I’m on () has many home users. Most of them like the Rancilio Silvia and usually pair it up with the Rancilio Rocky grinder. Check out the coffeegeek forums, I think they’ll be helpful in your search. Also, a good site to buy the machine from is Whole Latte Love ()

Hope this helps!
Thanks, I’ll check both of them out, right now I’ve been looking on home barista (not sure of the actual URL) but they are only recc. $1k+ machines So seeing the Rancillo Silvia at half the price is definitely more palatable
If you can get your hands on the Good Eats episode focusing on Espresso, Alton Brown makes some recommendations on characteristics you should look for.

A good home espresso machine doesn’t have to be excessively expensive.
The Silvia is the absolute bare minimum if you’re looking to make good espresso. A quality grinder is equally as important so factor that into your purchase price.
I suggest checking out for machines as well.
i like the stove top expresso pots from ikea they make good coffie and they are 20 bucks

The moka pots just brew up a strong batch of coffee, there is no pressure in moka pots to extract the flavors that a real espresso machine does. If he’s just looking for concentrated coffee, then get a moka pot. But to actually enjoy the espresso will require something much more than a moka pot.