Cocktail books, would (have) you buy one?

I’m trying to figure out who buys a cocktail/bartending book. I know that many sell each year but I can’t figure out who is buying them.

Does a cocktail book that has a large variety of soda-pop cocktails sound appealing to anyone?
I have one. And use it quite a bit.

Makes deciding what to make, with what youve got in the house, much easier.

Also, for people that typically stick to a certain type of hard alcohol (I pretty much always stick to vodka), it gives you a slew of difference drink recipes. It would take me a week of googling just to collect all of the recipes this book has for vodka drinks

I bought two when they went on sale at the local bookstore. Pretty nice, definitely great to have around.
The cocktail books you should buy, and in this order:

The Joy of Mixology by Gary Regan
The Craft of the Cocktail by Dale DeGroff
Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh
I guess that you’re trying to sell a book?

Just soda type? Not gonna sell bro…

I’d def recommend buying books though
I have the Mr. Boston one. Mostly just for decoration, as I usually just have Captain Morgan and Dr. Pepper.
my dad has a great one that has a ton of pictures, but in this case listen to sick of it all he knows what hes talking about

here is a link to the one he has, great pictures
I have one. It’s nice to have a collection of drinks (with pictures) that are categorized nicely. Sometimes other people (usually female) will flip through the book and look for something that looks good to try.

Also I’m not sure why anyone would buy a book that centers around soda-based drinks. Seems too specific to me.
I have one for coffee table decoration, but I’ve used it a few times. In all honesty, I use Webtender () alot, much more than the actual book.