ceramic knives

Trying to figure out whether the ceramic bladed knives are worth it? Seems like Kyocera is the bigger brand that makes em.

ANy ideas or preferences about these?
They are very nice and sharp as hell but you have to be careful because you can chip the blade. Do not ever try to cut bone with one and do not use any type of stone or other hard cutting board. Personally I don’t see the need for one although they are pretty cool.

Not any ceramic ones at this site but there are some incredible chefs knives.

I just got a kyocera santoku for christmas and its a blast to use. Wouldn’t use it at work cause its extremely brittle but it screams through veg like no other knife i own

Ill second korin its like knife wonderland
sharper and lighter than steel, but you can break the tip off the paring knifes easily. you can’t sharpen them yourself, every 3-5 years you have to send them to the company, they will sharpen them (all for free). they are a great addition to your knife set, but you don’t want them as your only knives.