Ceiling fans…

I have a generic ceiling fan with light. Lets say I buy I universal remote…can I convert the ceiling fan to where I can program it into the remote? If so how?
Yes they have remotes specific for ceiling fans found in where you would find ceiling fans in Home Depot or Lowes. Not sure the cost, but it will vary depending on what you want.

All you do is wire it according to directions, something like hot to one of the leads, switch leg to the other etc.

Not hard it fits inside the casing for the wiring on the fan too.

The wireless remotes are $30 at home depot. You will need to partially disassemble/take down the fan depending on if it was flush or down rod mounted. The remotes will fit into "most" fans. Some of the cheaper fans have small canopys which makes packaging the remote + wires difficult.

The hand held hampton bay remotes are the best followed by the hunters. Don’t buy the in wall hampton bays, they have a high failure rate.
A universal remote wont work, I have remote control fans in all the rooms in my house and its a different signal than my Harmony remote. But those kits work well..