Favorite Cookbooks

What are you favorite cookbooks? I like the “Aunt Bea’s Mayberry Cookbook”. lots of great southern recipes and funny stuff to read from the show. I also have “The Joy of Cooking” to refer to.
A book called , by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. It’s as much a food textbook as a cookbook, explaining the science and reason behind cooking methods. They test dozens of variations of each recipe and technique, and tell you what worked and why. The magazine is awesome, too.


I made brownies the other evening and didn’t have any natural cocoa on hand, so I used the dutch processed stuff… the brownies came out black and are the most chocolatey brownies I’ve tasted in my life.

I call em “Blackies”

I think the lower acidity of the dutched chocolate changed the texture though. They’re more cake-like than brownie-like.
What is the recipe you used? I’ve never made “real” brownies before, only boxed ones.
Wisk 4 eggs til their light and fluffy. Wisk in one cup of brown and one cup of regular sugar, 1.25 cups of NATURAL cocoa (that’s the part where I used dutch processed), 1/2 cup flour, 2 sticks of melted butter, 2 tsp vanilla extract, and a big pinch of salt (no additive salt… so kosher, sea, etc… not table salt). If you can, sift all that while you add it. Pour in a greased pan (a good way to do this is to cover the bottom and sides of the dish with butter, then dust that liberally with flour) and bake 45 minutes at 300 degrees.