No More Applications

I’m a little upset. Tomorrows Thursday I have to go looking for jobs again. I’m getting sick of applications now and I’m not getting calls back from anyplace. I don’t see the use anymore, I don’t even except a call from a place when I’m filling out their application. I wanted to apply somewhere in like Saratoga or Schenectady/Guilderland even though there like 45 minutes away. I probably wont be able to work that far away but at least it would give me hope if they call back.

I found out today one of the girls in my English group got a 95 :/. I will never be best at anything.

Hannaford Amst. 3/2 no call
Hannaford Glov. 3/14 no call
Eckerd Amst. 3/3 no call
Eckerd Johs. 3/23 no call
Wal-Mart Amst. 3/3 no call
Wal-Mart Glov. 3/14 no call
Price Chopper Amst. 3/3 no call
Price Chopper Glov. 3/3 no call
Price Chopper Johs. 3/3 no call
Save-A-Lot Amst. 3/7 no call
Kems Amst. 3/7 no call
Pizza Hut Glov. 3/24 no call
Jtown Movie Johs. 3/23 no call
Burger King Glov. 3/24 no call
House of Pizza Glov. 3/28 no call
Crossroads Glov. 3/24 no call
Friendly Johs. 3/23 no call
Rite Aid Johs. 3/28 no call
Utterly Delicious Johs. 3/28 no call
Limo for Prom

I gums hurt. I have 2 canker sores in my mouth. I had one last week and now I have two more and I don’t know where they?re coming from. I’ve been putting Oraljel on them so it doesn’t hurt as much. It might be my retainers rubbing too because there not on the inner lip, there on my gum below my teeth.

I got asked to go in someone?s limo today for Prom. She said it was only like $40 per person, which is cheap but I don’t think we will go. Dee asked us to go in there limo for free but I’m not sure about that ether. I’m just afraid they’ll want to go somewhere with the limo and we will be suck without a ride or will be suck at Eric’s apartment with them fucking or something. I don’t think there going to the post prom party though. Plus we have to be at Raindancer at 5:30 so I’m not sure if well ride with them. But then again it?s free. Doug found 3 people to ride in our limo for Guilderland with us; we need one more person now (6 passenger). We might go to Great Escape the day after his prom though. I’ll probably get a season pass this year again.

Oh I got one of those stick on back-less bras this weekend for my one dresses because it is open in the back. I also got a shawl that matches almost perfectly to my pink dress and a tiara.

I went to Doug’s school yesterday. The whole school is one big circle, there?s never an end to the hallways. They just continue forever. I can’t even tell what side of the building I?m on. I look out the window and all I see is another side of the school. The classes are so long though, there like 1:30 long. I told him I would bring him to BP some day he didn’t have school.

Doug got me a basket of candy in little plastic eggs and a BIG 3 or 4 foot bunny, which I?m not sure where to put right now. I got him a watch and some peeps for Easter. His mommy got us a box of the 40 flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans. She also brought back a turtle that have a magnetic belly and arms/legs and a key chain with the letter “S” on it from Las Vegas. Doug felt bad for forgetting to tell me to bring down something nice to wear for church on Sunday so he bought me a tee shirt at Bobs. Sammy sent me 6 packs of crispy M&M and a stuff chicken that?s legs and wings move! Thank you Sammy. Sammy lives in NH. My mom also sent me $20 and 3 rings.

I got a 93 on my English presentation.

Dee has this huge red mark around her lips. She says its because she has sensitive skin and Eric’s beard makes it turn red. Well I heard today I guess it was because of her giving head to Eric with a condom on. I guess its something about you can get pregnant by giving head or something. Untrue, 1. the month doesn’t lead in anyway to the egg 2. they cant swim that far before they die 3. the stomach acid will kill them. Still believes I got drunk at that party, she’s telling people now. Great.

I Get 7.25 an hour

I worked tonight. I got $15 in tips but I still want to leave. Nineteen applications and still no calls. But I found out tonight I make $7.25 per hour with tips. That place pulls in over $400 in tips every night.

Dee came to school the other day with one of those college things from one college (you know the things you get in the mail from a certain college asking if you want information.) Well she was all excited she like “look what I got” haha. I’m like that’s great, I get them in the mail everyday. I think she was so excited she brought it to one of her teachers or the guidance councilor. I’m going to a community college anyways so I don’t have to worry about them too much. And I don’t have to write a college essay or take the SATs.

I’m going down to Doug’s tomorrow. We are going to the mall Saturday, church Sunday, and school Monday.

Doug’s mommy came home from Las Vegas tonight.

Chocolate Glazed

We have to perform a section from a play for English class and my groups choose Heidi. Well I overheard one of the girls in my group talking about me today with her friends. She was telling them how her and I traded parts (she used to be Heidi and I was the maid.) I didn’t mind trading parts; Heidi didn’t really have fewer lines, it just was in smaller groups. But the reason she was telling her friends of why we traded parts was because I couldn’t read! I admit I did stumble on some of the words on the first time threw but at least I know my lines. I’m the only one in that group that knows all their lines plus some of the other peoples. Retards, I hope they trip on there lines tomorrow.

Dee was trying to tell me what I drank Saturday night haha. She was like “don’t you know what you were drinking?” I was like yes, Pepsi Twist haha. She thought I was drinking rumen-cola. I remember there were 3 cups there, Doug’s pina-colada, my Pepsi twist, and the rumen-cola. I’m pretty sure what I was drinking; I got up and got it myself unless someone poured something in it. Besides who cant tell the difference, or at least smell it. God she is so stupid sometimes. Does anyone else have friends like that?

Doug was eating chocolate glazed doughnuts at my house Saturday morning and he gave one to Rikki and he was licking it. After Rikki took a bite out of it Doug ate it! Right after Rikki licked the whole thing.


Well Doug came up Saturday. I took him to go see ET. He was more excited than any kid in that theater J. I had a bottle of Pepsi and a half bag of the family size crispy M&M’s so I was really hyper afterwards. Then I brought him to Pebbles to look for pants.

I couldn’t find Micki’s house because I brought the invitation with the address on it in the car to the movies, my dad brought it back in the house with the mail after he dropped us off at the movies. So we had to find it trying to remember the number. Also it was at 7 at night and it was too dark to see the numbers anyways. We finally did find it. There weren’t as many people as I expected to be there. A lot more were invited. Doug was a little drunk. Dee and Eric were there, actually I thought she was going to be a no-show due to her fear of drugs, don’t ask. Micki’s boyfriend Lefty striped and Micki ran out of the bedroom only wearing a bed sheet, we all know what they were doing in there J. Lefty was talking about vampires and blood brothers with Doug. He wanted to give Doug a necklace that gave him the power to left up cars and he telepathic with him. I think Lefty was just a little drunk J.

Well Dee and Eric only stayed for like an hour. It was pretty pathetic though. They just sat there in the chair for most of the time. I don’t want to sound excessively defensive like but I remember one part of the night when Doug and I were sitting on the couch and Doug was sitting normally and I was sitting toward him with my legs around him. A few minutes later I heard “I want to sit like this” from her, which happened to be the way Doug and I were sitting. I didn’t really think much of it at the time but the whole time with them seemed like a show of some sort. Other things that got me was like when Doug and I were the floor doing stretches (butterfly, bridge, split, etc., I don’t know the actual name for it), I was doing one and she says, “I can do that.” I ignored her but I believe she is trying to like show-off Eric in some way or another. It’s really ridicules and I’m not the only one noticed it, Doug did too, so I’m not going insane. It’s hard to explain.

We went to Ellie’s today. She got me a soft teddy bear that says “sweet dreams” on it and some candy for Easter. Doug also got candy.

I guess it was Eric’s Birthday yesterday, Dee didn’t buy him anything, just made him a cake. Cakes don’t last forever. I guess he turned 20; BP doesn’t let anyone over 19 to go to there dances. But she will probably get away with it bringing him the Prom anyways.

Speaking of Prom, I have to go get the rest of my stuff for Prom soon and take Doug to get fitted for his Tuxes. I only bought the dress and shoes so far and I only have like a month left.

I got to keep Doug’s sweater for the week. I see him again Saturday or Sunday because I am going to school with him next Monday.

If you have a sore throat for over 24 hours, you are sick.


Still no calls but I did get a letter from Hannaford in Gloversville say they had no openings. Only thing is they still have their sign out front saying they’re hiring :/. Well I got applications to Pizza Hut, BK, Crossroads Restaurant, Friendly, Eckerd, and Johnstown Movie Plex today though.

Doug is coming up Saturday morning. If ET is playing we are going to watch that then go to Micki’s party. Sunday we are going to Ellie’s house for Easter dinner.

I was talking with Evan the other day and he asks me if I want to go to the movie with him Friday. He is cool to hang out with as a friend but most chances he just wants sex so I said maybe. So I asked him if he was going to Micki’s party then he asks me if I want to be his date to it. I was like no I’m already going with someone. He asked me who and then left. So I know what he wants from me.

We had a two-hour delay Monday and we got out two hours early yesterday due to snow. We have about a foot of it now. It’s spring and we have more now then we did all winter.

I’m sleeping too much now. I sleep like 2 hours every day I come home plus at night. So now I’m really awake. Did you know u will die faster if you sleep 7-8 hours a day rather than 6.

OMG I was looking in the newspaper for jobs and I seen that C&R was hiring for hostess and waiters.

I ate almost a whole box of pudding today (the Jell-O kind where you add 2 cups of milk and mix). I didn’t have lunch or breakfast so I was just a tad hungry when I got home.

Hello Fans

Hello my fellow fans. Hmmm what happened to me lately? Yesterday I went shoe shopping and got two pairs. A pair of Skecher boots and another pair of Skecher sandals.

Then I went to work. They have they new girl but she’s like all the rest. I totally don’t fit in with these girls. There all like rich preps, you know A&F, American Eagle, tanning. I’m not that kind of person. Well this new girl keeps telling to do things like “table 103 needs to be cleaned.” I eventually do clear the table but slower than I would normal. I’m like she shouldn’t be telling me what to do, she’s new, I don’t care if she’s a hostess and I’m only a buffer. Anyways shouldn’t it be if someone new comes on they should be put at buffer and one the buffers be moved up to hostess? Only exception I can thing to that is maybe she hosted somewhere else. I can’t wait till leave that place.

Today I just sat here. I did laundry and helped my dad with his computer.

Happy St. Patericks Day.

Doug’s Diary

I told Dee a few months ago to go to a sports shop to get like a Jansport of Eastpack book bag because the ones she usually gets falls apart half way though the year. Well she didn’t listen to me, like anyone does. Well it finally feel apart and she got a new one. Guess what? I does not fit in her locker haha. I started laughing when I heard that. She also gets those stupid one with the wheels on it anyways. I’m going shoe shopping tomorrow. Hopefully my dad buys them because I don’t have any money. Plus he never buys me anything anyways, except food and I don’t have to pay rent. Doug downloaded a bunch of Blink songs for me so I’m burning them now. I only have dial up so it takes awhile to download. I work tomorrow at 5. Still no calls.

Visiting for the Day

Micki’s birthday party is next Saturday. She’s turning 16. She told my dad it was a “cake and ice cream” party last night haha. Doug’s coming up that weekend so I told her we would probably go if I didn’t have to work (haha work?).

I applied to Hannaford and Wal-Mart in Gloversville today. They’re both hiring. Never got a call back from any of the other calls.

Haha Eric forgets to pick up Dee everyday after school now. I guess he oversleeps. Hey if I had to wake up and go down and pick her up everyday at 2 I would “oversleep” too. Poor guy. What’s he doing sleeping at 2 in the afternoon anyways?

I hurt my wrist the other day. I slammed my hand down and my bracelet went into my wrist. So it hurt to move it but its getting better now.

My school is selling lollypops for St. Patrick’s Day. I bought green apple and raspberry lemonade for Doug.

Since I don’t have school on April 1st I’m going down to Doug’s school and visiting for the day :).

Eight months. :)

Box of Chicks

Ok no place has called me back. I applied at Kems and Save-A-Lot last Thursday and I’m getting nowhere. I called Eckerd, Hannaford, and Wal-Mart Thursday. Eckerd is not hiring, and Hannaford and Wal-Mart told me they would call me (so that means no). Doug said I would get an interview if I called them but all I got was “you can come down to the store and fill out an application” and “will call you.” Anyone else have any other ideas of where to work because I’m running out of places, that AREN’T food!

Doug came up Saturday. We played rotating hiding go seek, which is hard because the person your trying to find keeps moving from location to location. Then we went to Friendly in Johnstown and then to the movies to see Time Machine. I liked when he was in like late1800’s and 2030’s more than in 80,000’s. Then on Sunday morning we went to Wal-Mart and Wendy’s. I talked Doug out of getting a DVD player. He got me a box of little chicks.