ATTN: Jetboil users v.precautionaryrecall

Recall of Certain Jetboil Personal and Group Cooking Systems

Jetboil has utilized three different gas valves (the “A”, “B” and “C” style valves) in the production of its Personal Cooking System (PCS) and Group Cooking System (GCS). PCS and GCS units utilizing the B style valve were shipped to US retailers between July 10 and September 9, 2008, and sold through retail since July 10, 2008.

Some snapshots of my new already dirty bike Ver. S-works.

Never got around to photographing it before I rode it…. still only been on one outdoor ride and it rained most of the time (and it was cold and I got the sniffles).

Not everything on the bike is set up completely correctly yet. I want to do a few more outdoor rides before I finish the fitting process with my coach.

When building this bike I wanted to start with the best frame I could, get aerodynamics as good as I could afford, rotational mass down 2nd, and translating mass down 3rd. I paid $4320 out the door after Cost+13% pricing, tax, and got 12 months 0% financing.

How do you make money, doing what you love?

So how do these guys on the base jumping videos, bear grylls (pre-tv show), and the other randoms I read or hear about doing stuff for charities and such make money? I mean the gear, traveling, and time it takes to achieve and train up for all of this stuff takes alot of $$, how do they make money off of it?

They did what they loved for years unpaid whilst doing something menial to pay the bills, kept working hard and took risks. Eventually one paid off.

Exactly. Professional climbers are a good example. Pick up "No Shortcuts To The Top" for an inside view.


Watch ! Free Movement – the different way !!

Hi guys,

Here’s my video ‘ ‘.
It’s a video about parkour and free running. It took me a lot of time to make it, hope you enjoy.
All comments are welcome.

My video has now over views !!! the next goal : 3 000
If you enjoyed this video, please send it to people you know.
And don’t forget the comments !


anyone snowshoe?…

we’re supposed to get a lot of snow this weekend so I want to hike a local mtn trail (Baden Powell) and ride down on my snowboard…

problem is I’ve never snowshoed before. I figure I can try and rent some from REI. So I’ve been reading there FAQ about them.

What type of snowshoe should i go for? Should I hike in my actual snowboarding boots or in my gore tex hikers? (I’m going to have a 42 liter pack on me possibly)

anything else?

It is like walking, but slower.

pants bands?

this isnt a serious topic… but i want serious answers and god knows what answer’s i would recieve in off topic…

I’m looking for some pant’s bands or straps for my pants but not ugly like those… anyone know where i could get something like that or black rubebr bands or something… this is for ghetto pants… im sure most of you have seen someone do this.

do you really need brand name pieces of velco? just buy some sticky velcro and stick the backs of them together…


So I’m starting a running club at my shool. v.Any suggestions/how should I set it up

So a friend and I are planning on starting a running club at University of Houston and this is my first time organizing anything like this…. I was wondering if you guys can give some insight on how I should organize this. Also give me any potential ideas and etc. on how to make it successful and fun for everyone.

So far this was what I was thinking…
-Small one time members fees (just to cover club t-shirts or whatever)
-Fund raise money for societies (American Cancer Society, Leukemia, etc.)

Snowboarders unite!

where do you board. type of board. specs maybe? best gear?

i go everywhere i can.

i have a burton blunt 145 with Ride LX bindings and DC boots

You covered brah. As long as you got some 686 cloths ain’t no one going to shred the pow in your way!

going out for my birthday all day tomorrow. playing with binding position.

Technine Bindings (dominator on the arbor board on top. MFM Pro on the salomon below)

Best deals on AirLine tickers?

I haven bee shopping around, where my best find was www
I received a flight from California to Halifax, Nova Scotia,for around 240.00 and I flight from Virginia to California for $240.00 including taxes, one way each time..
I already bought the tickets, but was wondering if there were any other options out there I should have considered..!

There is a thread in the Outdoor forum that has all the info you could ever need.

whre to find good deals on cruises?

anyone know where to look? the gf and i are wanting to go on one this spring

the REALLY good deals are in the repositioning cruises (where it’s basically a one way trip because they need to get the ship back to a different port to start another series of cruises)