Calphalon Pots/Pans

Are these any good? Anything better in their price range? Gotta stock the new kitchen this weekend and these are looking to be a good option.
Love my set I got from Target, just get some Calphalon cooking utensils to go along with then.
I ended up getting a 12 piece set. Bed Bath & Beyond had a special going, spend over 300 and get a $50.00 gift card, spend over $400.00 and get another calphalon pot. I’m very happy with mine so far. A little disappointed they’re not dishwasher safe but it’s a small price to pay.

Most pots and pans worth a damn aren’t dishwasher safe.
Well it just says the dishwashing detergent could ruin them, not the actual dishwasher. I don’t think the backup dishwasher minds cleaning these too much though.

All Clad is a good brand. Probably a bit more expensive but IMO well worth it. Everyone also needs a nice cast iron skillet.

plus the 20% off they mail almost monthly

Which model of Calphalon did you select?

I have the stainless steel lined. I think it’s discontinued now
I have the henckel 10 piece classic clad and they have been the best cookware i have used. Really even heat and good handles. I have seen the 7 piece on the net for 200 bucks, and I think the 10 piece was 300. Might be a bit more than the Calphalon.
Calphalon is a bit spendy and trendy.
I recommend stainless steel pots and pans with heavy bottoms and riveted handles.
Sams Club or Costco often have sets for cheap.
Spend your $$ on a good rock maple cutting board (Boos is good) and good knives (F. Dick or Henckels)
PS don’t get the Henckel’s International – Or even anything that comes with a knife block.