Buying First Townhouse

Its in SFL. 3/2.5/1 Live with fam. dont have a piece of furniture or any electronics besides a laptop & TV

Name places to get nice furniture – kinda cheap (NOT USED)
dishes, electronics, etc.

I need to furnish the entire place !
Don’t really know what’s in your area man.

A lot of people like IKEA.. The RoomStore isn’t too bad but it’s not exactly cheap cheap, but you can get coupon if you’re on their mailing list.
Buy what you need, don’t rush into anything especially furniture. Don’t go buy a bunch of pots and pans and dish ware that will just sit in your cabinets.

I agree that you should buy things one at a time. Take anything that people give you at first. You can replace it later if you need to. Make sure main furniture items are covered first, like a couch and bed. If you’re handy, you can make furniture that WORKS, even if it’s not pretty. You can adapt furniture to other purposes. We have several of the large metal racks that you buy at Walmart or wherever. We use them for storage and for holding up a TV in our bedroom. We have a very small one that we use for my bedside table. It works right now. We used a cheap hand-me-down table as a tv stand for a long time. We have used folding, wooden tv-trays instead of a dining table for nearly a year.

We eventually went out and bought a number of things, but we did it one at a time.

Coffee table- IKEA
End tables- IKEA
Popazon chair- yard sale
Leather reclining couch- $200 at Ashley Furniture’s scratch and dent section.
TV Stand- Walmart
Tiny dining table and chairs- IKEA
Computer desk- hand-me-down
Queen mattress and box spring- Big Lots

We have lived in an apartment nearly a year, and are closing on our house this month. We bought a shitton of new furniture from Rooms-To-Go, but we’re probably not getting rid of anything we’ve got, just moving it around.

I want new cookware.
Hey- I just moved into my first townhouse a year ago- go simple at first, build slowly. I found Craigslist to be a great finding place for larger pieces. But those people selling stuff do try to rip you off- so be wary.
I found my leather couch set there for far less than a brand new one- we love it and it’s perfect.

Good luck.
kinda o-t but what’d you pay and where is it located? im looking to buy a place soon, my family owns a real estate company just tryna get the best deal ya know
It gets expensive real fast. Like people said start at the top with the big ticket items and work your way down. I had to furnish my first apartment this month so I had to go through somewhat similar process. You don’t realize how fast things add up, a good vacuum is 100+, TV stand 200, leather couch 700-1500. My theory is not to buy shit I will be forced to toss in a year or two when I buy a house.

3/2/1cg springs- 175k short sale

very nice.. my friend is selling his 3/2 townhouse in coral springs for $210k short sale right now, been thinking of picking it up.
MLS ID ? Id check it out…bank wouldnt approve it …countered @ 225 WTF? they can take it for that shit