Butterscotch topped fudge?

A girl I know made some fudge today and brought it to where I was. I tried it and it was very good. It was chocolate fudge with pecans and a layer of butterscotch on top. So I asked how did you make this? And she said chocolate, butterscotch chips, pecans, and condensed milk. Well what the heck this doesnt tell me how to make it. Anybody know this recipe?
that sounds like rachel ray’s "5 minute fudge"

topped with more butterscotch chips

I prefer "never fail" fudge from the back of the fluff jar – as longas you have a candy thermometer, it’s perfect and teh perfect creamy texture

We made this for christmas this year actually. Basically you make plain fudge following any plain fudge recipe, and sprinkle with pecans, then let cool. When it is cool, melt caramels (or butterscoth chips) with some cream in a double boiler. Then pour on top and let cool.