Building the Ultimate Manroom

I have a detached 2 car shop with a finished 27×20 2nd floor. I am trying to get some ideas for the ultimate manroom. Im trying to save money so if anybody has unique cheap ideas please let me know. My first step is flooring, what looks good, unique, cheap ? What about walls? Any input would be nice, I will post pics with progress.
tile or wood/faux wood floor. You’re going to be drinking lots of beer, puking it up, and have strippers with weird (but tasty) excretions. You’re going to need a floor that’s easy to mop. Also a stripper pole would be cool to have for when you have the slutz over.

I have a shed I am fixing up. I want to install school type flooring. It’s thick, sturdy, long wearing and CHEAP! Can’t think of the name of it right now but Home Depot carries it although I couldn’t find it on their website.
look up a diy projector, so you can watch movies on a big screen for super cheap
hmm, i recommend you add a wet bar and a nice sound system.
you can do a cork floor, its cheap, low maintenance, and different
When building the ultimate manroom, the word cheap doesn’t come to mind
when I think of manroom, I think of those rooms they showed on Home Improvement
wire line detailed lighting, jatoba floors, pool table, 2 couches, large tv, pref plasma, mahogany wet bar wainscott paneling and mitered box beam ceiling with mahogany crown as well.. also a nice bathroom, possibly a computer area for surfing OT.. and if you want to add a stripper pole for the private room here are some ghetto diy plans