I made brownies the other evening and didn’t have any natural cocoa on hand, so I used the dutch processed stuff… the brownies came out black and are the most chocolatey brownies I’ve tasted in my life.

I call em “Blackies”

I think the lower acidity of the dutched chocolate changed the texture though. They’re more cake-like than brownie-like.
What is the recipe you used? I’ve never made “real” brownies before, only boxed ones.
Wisk 4 eggs til their light and fluffy. Wisk in one cup of brown and one cup of regular sugar, 1.25 cups of NATURAL cocoa (that’s the part where I used dutch processed), 1/2 cup flour, 2 sticks of melted butter, 2 tsp vanilla extract, and a big pinch of salt (no additive salt… so kosher, sea, etc… not table salt). If you can, sift all that while you add it. Pour in a greased pan (a good way to do this is to cover the bottom and sides of the dish with butter, then dust that liberally with flour) and bake 45 minutes at 300 degrees.

It’s not a hard recipe. And you can really do a lot of junk with it… add roasted nuts if you want… or chocolate chips or bits of those Andes mint chocolates would be good (just thought of that one… sounds good). The other day I thought about heating up some peanut butter to a more liquid consistancy, and stripe the brownies with it. I haven’t tried that yet, but it’s an idea that I think might be good

AWESOME boxed mix brownies.

They’re way better than most “from scratch” brownies.
meh, sounds good to me. I could go for a brownie right now…with some milk . the best brownies I made were when I used scharfenberger baking chocolate, they were pot brownies but still tasted better than any brownie I’ve ever had. I think the kind of chocolate you use has a huge impact on flavor. though you pay for what you get, it was an $8 chunk of chocolate.

lol, it probably tasted so good b/c of the pot

well that all depends, I’ve had batches that came out pretty bitter, I tried to make a butter cream frosting out of some pretty strong pot butter and it ended up making people sick, I mean it tasted bad but I think it was just too strong (people would eat one cupcake or one peace of cake and end up missing work the next day). the stronger it is the more bitter it tastes, sugar can help this but it only goes so far. I use clippings, leaves and some smaller stems ground up in a food processer (I filter out the butter before I cook with it) but that tends to make it more bitter in the end than using bud (which is a waste of money to cook with anyway).

I’ve never eaten (or smoked) pot, but if I ever decide to, I’ll keep these tips in mind