Bed Suggestions

So I’m moving into a new apartment pretty soon as need to find a bed. I’ve been to Ikea, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel. I was also considering CB2 and Room and Board(might be too pricey).

I am looking for a queen bed. I don’t want a bed that is too low too the ground (most of the ikea beds were too low). Mattress only or Matress and box spring .. doesn’t really make a difference to me. Budget is 7-800 delivered to 18508. I could prolly swing a bit more if I really fell in love with a bed but the cheaper the better to be honest as I still need to buy a mattress and bedding so that’ll cost me quite a bit.

I am looking for a modern or atleast very clean and simply designed bed in a dark stain or maybe something wild. Open to all sorts of suggestions I just HATE blond finishes and other really light stains.

What I’ve seen so far is that the Crate and Barrel beds seem to be of good quality (i’d be looking at the ready to assemble stuff). West elm stuff seems to be pretty decent for the price. Its like ikea with a little better quality and its a bit nicer looking I have a couple pieces from them that I bought on deep discount (couch, desk, file cabinet, and dining room table) that I really like so i wouldn’t be averse to buying from them again. Only issue is that they seem to be getting bad reviews on their beds but apparently they have redesigned the frames. Nothing at Ikea really caught my eye but I wasn’t looking hard as my friend’s bed from Ikea broke on him not too long after he got it.

These are the beds I like.

West Elm –
1. Metal Inlay Bed/Headboard – $ 660 picked up… shipped… over 800

Crate and Barrel
1. Cole Bed – $699 + 150 shipping

2. Loop Bed – $550 + 150 shipping

I’m open to all suggestions.
i have this bed from ikea…i think it was 250…not modern and not low and its cheap

i have this bed from ikea…i think it was 250…not modern and not low and its cheap

What model is it? How has it held up? Any squeaks? Any complaints?