Bacon in the Oven

Since I’ve tried it, I love this method 100x better than cooking it in a pan. Less fat, no worries of burning if you like crispy bacon, and it stays flat.

I’ll put aluminum foil on the baking pan for easy clean up. If you’re doing the low temp method, you NEED to do this or you’ll have a big solid layer of fat in the bottom of your pan. I’ll then put a wire rack ontop for the bacon to sit on so fat can drain off.

Oven at 400 degrees and it takes from 8 to 12 mins depending on the thickness of the bacon.

Oven at 200 degress for around 4 hours. The amount of fat that gets pulled out of the bacon is amazing. The bacon is also nice and crispy and not burned. Can pull it out earlier if you like it a little chewy.
That’s also a good way of collecting bacon fat, which is a great addition in a lot of recipes.
I agree. You can pull a large amout of bacon fat with the slow cooking.
one of my favorite appetizers involves wrapping maple bacon around queen sized pimento stuffed green olives and securing with a toothpick, then baking. super easy, super good.

What temp and time do you bake them at?

I love bacon and I love olives. I may have to try these.
What if I don’t have a rack to let the bacon sit on? Should I just put it directly on the foil, or is that bad?

What temp and time do you bake them at?

I love bacon and I love olives. I may have to try these.

usally areound 350 if not in a hurry, otherwise you can broil them untill the bacon is done to your taste, then flip over and finish on the other side. I’ve never actually timed them , just keep checking untill the bacon is as crisp as you like. I like the maple bacon because it cuts the saltiness just a bit. They are VERY salty otherwise, can’t eat a ton of ’em. The sweeter bacon works well, you can eat them like popcorn.
oh man, that is the only way to cook bacon

and yea, you can save the drippings too.

Never done it that way and I doubt it would come out as crispy. You’d also probably have to stop and turn them over.

Just get some cheap cooling racks from the grocery store. I think mine were like $3 or $4.

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pan bacon 4 lyfe