anyone snowshoe?…

we’re supposed to get a lot of snow this weekend so I want to hike a local mtn trail (Baden Powell) and ride down on my snowboard…

problem is I’ve never snowshoed before. I figure I can try and rent some from REI. So I’ve been reading there FAQ about them.

What type of snowshoe should i go for? Should I hike in my actual snowboarding boots or in my gore tex hikers? (I’m going to have a 42 liter pack on me possibly)

anything else?

It is like walking, but slower.

I had to snowshoe nearly every day for work last winter. Can’t say its my favorite method of travel, but it is alright.

The snowshoe you need is dependent on how much the total weight will be and how deep the snow is. I’m guessing its not going to be deep snow (like deeper than 3-4 feet). Assuming you weight 150-200 lbs, Size 25 snowshoes will probably be too small with a pack. Size 30 should do it. 36 would prob be overkill.

You are probably not going to be doing anything hardcore enough to need any specific snowshoe model. The more expensive ones like the MSR lightning have better side to side stability when traversing and probably better grip overall, but even the cheapest ones have a decent crampon to keep you in place on most hills.

I normally snowshoe in hiking boots, but if your going to be snowboarding…dont take more than one pair of boots if you can comfortable walk in your snowboarding boots.

sweet thanks for the advice. where did you work at? sounds interesting.

I’ve never tried it and was anxious to get out and do some hiking. It’ll be a new experience. I’d prefer my hiking boots over my snowboard boots, I guess right now I’m debating taking a bigger pack to throw my boots in. and just compress it on the way down.

It’s only a day trip so I could get away with a smaller pack but I don’t have one that could carry my board.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions…

I’m a biologist. I was working in the mid-mountain west with Bighorn Sheep.

Either way will be fine. 3-5lbs for a pair of boots wont kill you if you think you’ll be more comfortable

I just rented some from REI.

MSR Denali’s with some tails for deeper powder and/or lots of weight. They seem relatively simple and can’t wait to try them out!

With an REI member ship it’s $14 for the first day, $6 for each day after.