Anyone ever made a sink?

I’m looking to put in some new sinks for my bathroooms but i can’t find any that i like. I’ve got a certain design in mind and I’ve been trying to find something that might work for it… to no avail.

It seems to me that it’d be fairly simple to get what i want if i turned a plug out of wood(on a lathe), sealed it, made a mold and cast it in cement. Once i had the bowls, i could seal them or stain them or whatever to match… What am i overlooking?

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m looking to make the raised bowl style sinks (vessel sinks i guess they’re called). something similar to these:

Why wouldn’t you just seal the wooden ones? I think that would look

Well, I was thinking about that but i didnt know if it would hold up… not to mention my counters will be concrete and I’m not sure how well it would look with concrete and wood.

You could create a mold and make the sink out of fiberglass.

Then I’m left with 2 problems….

1. because it’s a vessel sink(raised above counter), it needs to be finished on both sides. This means I have to make a 2 part mold and then join both halves… but i can’t do that internally because it’s too thin and if i did it externally it would take quite a bit of finish work.

2. Fiberglass is SOOO much more work than casting something from concrete. I’ve got plenty of fg experience and I was hoping to find a different way of doing this.

I think I’m just going to try it.

My plan is to make a bowl just how i want on a lathe. then, make a silicone mold of it and a plaster mother mold. Then, I’m going to cast it 4 times (that mold should last 4 pulls).

The only thing I’m unsure on is if i have to have a structural support on the inside (which wouldn’t be too terribly hard to do i suppose, chicken wire bent into bowl shape and loaded prior to casting?)
Moldmaking is not too hard to do. Only problem you might face is getting the tailpiece hole to fit due to shrinkage of the concrete.