anyone ever had lamb before?

I bought a semi-boneless halved lamb leg…basically its a 1 pound piece of meat with a leg bone in the middle from a lamb. I’ve always wanted to try lamb, because in movies and stuff its considered "luxury". anyway, what should I be expecting, what should it taste like? Any cooking ideas? I’m thinking of just sprinkling on salt and pepper and baking it on a rack in the oven.
How good the lamb is will depend on how well you cook it, just like all meat. Of course, you can get lamb that isn’t fresh, but I’ll just assume you got some good stuff.

The piece you got is like a T-bone steak? Or is it a big chunk of meat?

Lamb is usually very tender… it didn’t exactly get old enough to toughen the meat up. The same meat on a cow would be tough since the legs are all muscle. With that in mind, on a cow I would highly suggest braising because that’s the only way you’d be able to cook it without drying it to near jerky-state.

I think on the lamb, I would probably still go with the braising for that cut of meat if it’s a steak-style cut, but if it’s a roast style cut, I would DEFINATELY go with braising.

Tell me, in this pic, you got a cut of leg, right? Is it cut across the leg, or up and down for a halved leg?

Just found this, it might help you figure out exactly what cut you have and what it’s good for.

its a 1lb hunk of meat with part of the leg bone in the center. i think i’m just gonna salt and pepper, and cover with foil on a rack and pan to catch the drippings and keep it moist and see how it turns out. lamb is expensive in that pick i think its the back leg, cut in half from side to side, not up and down.
I’d probably add some liquid in the foil pouch with it, otherwise you’re bound to lose moisture through evap. I’d also add some aromatics with it… maybe leeks, celery and garlic. sweat those with EVOO or butter and maybe add in some red wine and maybe some vinegar… or not, and just take the liquid after the sweat and add that to the meat pouch.

It sounds like you’re wanting to go simple, so maybe just choose a few aromatics, sweat em up, and put it in your foil pouch. I realy like garlic, so that would always be in my sweat, but whatever you like for flavor.
lamb tastes like a fat piece of shit when its not cooked right
hey 1st post here

Lamb is pretty common here in Australia, to roast a half leg just put in a tray sprinkle with some Rosmary (fresh is better) and cook in the oven for about 30mins at 180*c (I think thats 350*f) some olive oil over the top is good too.

to test if its done push a spike into the thickest part, if the juice is clear its done, so adjust the time to suit that

dont cover or use a sealed bag as it will steam it and lose the lovely roast flavour lamb gets

alternative is to remove the bone and stuff with sun dried tomato, cheese and garlic but the bones a bit difficult to do
Lamb is awesome as many stated already if it is cooked right. I think this pertains more so with larger sections. I’ve had lamb somoza’s (spelling?) and I’ve had them when they were overcooked and just right and because of the taste and the fact that it was ground lamb it was still awesome. I’ve had lamb chops and the must have flavor and juiciness. From what Ardenfrost already has described I would go that route because his description itself is making me hungry. Either way post pics and let us know how it goes.
Lamb is absolutely delicous. Crown rack of lamb I had it for my birthday last wekk. Salt crust, little olive oil before you throw it on the grill. And it’s gotta be rare-medium rare.
i made it like a roast w/ salt and pepper. has a very game like taste to it that I do not like. yuck. $16 down the drain
Is lamb not popular/expensive/not eaten much over in America? We have it all the time here in England.

I liek it, has to be cooked well though. With mint sauce. Mmmmm…..

you messed it up.. have someone else teach you how to prepare it.

Is lamb not popular/expensive/not eaten much over in America? We have it all the time here in England.

I liek it, has to be cooked well though. With mint sauce. Mmmmm…..

lamb is pretty rare around here except in metropolitan areas.
you can get em at costco here so yeah its common too. mm lamb chops, medium rare/rare ftmfw!!
can’t stand lamb, if i’m gonna eat some meat it’s gonna be beef not that shitty gamy shit
your loss

lamb isnt even game, so if its "gamey" then it certainly wasnt cooked right.

your loss

lamb isnt even game, so if its "gamey" then it certainly wasnt cooked right.

so true

lamb is really great, we started eating a lot more of it when my sister married a Muslim man and we stopped being able to have ham as a sunday dinner

lamb can be cooked badly like any other meal, but grilled or on a rotiserrie in the summertime or roasted in the oven it’s delicious

for a boneless roast I would make a paste – chopped garlic, rosemary, s + p, olive oil other stuff on hand and apply liberally

tie it up and brown it quickly then finish cooking in the oven

you make some rice pilaf and some nice green beans with garlic and lemon and it’s so freaking good

bonus if you know some lebanese type recipes – those people know how to cook
i like doing a grain mustard crust on a half or full rack , searing the mofo then finishing it up to medium rare in the oven

olive oil garlic and rosemary yes but roast it on some fresh cut potato wedges
turn the leg every 1/2 hr so that the potatos get some lamb goodness… they will crisp up and be the best you have had.

he has an episode about gyros which is basically made out of ground lamb… but yeah he needs to do lamb chops or leg of lamb…