Anybody have a good Pad Thai recipe?

I am looking for a good Pad Thai recipe. Anybody have one?

I made a few minor substitutions, but the method worked well and it was rather tasty.
this is one that i use, very good if done correctly.

take your noodles, which can be purchased at asian groceries, and soak them in warm water. do not let them get soft, only allow them to become flexible, or else they will clump together during cooking.

while they are soaking add a light oil into a pan or pot, heat to warm. add minced garlic and 2 tablespoons of sugar to pan. keep an eye on it and allow sugar to begin to carmelize. dont burn sugar. that is bad. add noodles to pan, mix with sugar then add some shots of soy sauce, and oyster sauce to taste. mix well again. add 2-3 tablespoons of water to noodles now. mix well again, then cover and simmer. this will soften up the noodles. keep checking on it and stirring and mixing or else noodles will start to clump together. add minced onions, minced cilantro, and green onions to noodles, mix, then remove immediately. transfer noodles to a cool plate or else they will keep cooking and clump together.

add coarsely chopped peanuts (which can be bought like this or made from whole nuts using a mortar and pestle. i recommend not using a blender, or food processor, or a magic bullet, because peanuts become peanut butter pretty quickly)

add sprigs of mint and parsley as garnish.

enjoy. this is a recipe my sister has been making since she was a young girl living in thailand and laos. so imho its probably pretty authentic
i used an equal part liquid mixture that consist of fish sauce, lime, and brown sugar.