Any healthier substitute for heavy whipping cream?

I never realized how bad this stuff was for you. I’ve been experimenting with pasta recipes and 95% of them call for heavy whipping cream.

You can usually use half and half, or even milk without too much of a negative flavor effect. If it is going to be a thick sauce, you may need to make a roux and then cook the milk into it though. Or just use half and half and you shouldn’t have problems.

I’ve tried half and half, wasn’t thick enough

From google:

Also looks like condensed milk will work for hot recipes.

lol, that substitute is just as bad for you as heavy cream.

Steve – have you tried thickening up the 1/2 & 1/2 by cooking it with a little flour?

For sauce? Use light cream and add some Romano cheese.

First make a roux by melting butter into your pan and then while still on med-high heat whisk (or fork) in an equal amount of flour.

Next, slowly pour in milk. It works best if the milk has been heated (NOT boiling) I use whole milk but have used 2% in the past. Just be sure to keep stirring and don’t let it get to a raging boil. Once it’s nice and thick, add your cheese, and turn down the heat, or just turn it off. This is the best way to make cheese sauces and chowders without all of the fat! Hope that helps, good luck!

maybe it is time to get away from the heavy, creamy sauces.

cream sauces are not healthy?


Plain yogurt can be healthfully substituted for heavy cream, or especially sour cream, in many savory dishes… often with more favorable (flavorful) results.

Regular whipping cream is still thick and a little healthier. If you’re going to use half and half I find that land o lakes brand is the creamiest.

Sometimes if I want to be healthier with cream sauces I use part half an half to cut the fat content, and part real cream to keep it thick and creamy. Using a roux is a good idea too